Exarcheia, is the name of a neighborhood in downtown Athens, Greece close to the historical building of the National Technical University of Athens. It took the name from a merchant named Exarchos who opened a large general store there. Before that area called Pitharadika because of the laboratories were in the area until the early 19th century and built jars. In February 1973 conducted the first taking over during the dictatorship at the Law School, and a few months later took the events of November 17.


During the dictatorship Exarchia emerged in eminently “revolutionary” area gathering intellectuals, students, lefties and many others. The presence of intellectuals but also the intense politicization that prevails Exarchia spurred to the presence of many bookstores and libraries in the area, while accommodating and several printing companies. In the area of Exarchia has been active and lived important people of art and literature and even nowadays constitutes meeting point of intellectuals.


Characteristics mentioned as Kostis Palamas, who lived on the street Asclepius, Charles Kuhn, Panagis Tsaldaris , Charilaos Trikoupis who had his house on the corner of Academy and Trikoupi, Sophia Bembo who lived in the blue building, Katina Paxinou and Freddie Germanos . A special section for the region are Pavlos Sidiropoulos, Nicholas Asimos and Katerina Gogou who have associated their artistic career with Exarchia.